Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve is home to animals from all parts of the world.

Only 9 km west of Kuranda, Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve is truly uniq destination. This amazing facility enables people of all ages to learn about and see wild animals in action, seven days a week from 9am to 4.30pm.

Visitors can see Bears, White Rhinos, Hippopotamus, a large variety of primates are there, just to mention a few favourites - and of course there is. . . the Big Cats . . . lots of them!

Tigers and Cheetahs are joined by the largest pride of Lions in Australasia, making this remarkable animal reserve the ideal place to see popular animals of the world, up close and safely.

There are three large wetland lakes to attract local wildlife and a vast African Savannah where you can witness lions face to face.
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Friendly, knowledgeable staff can take you on Guided Walks, demonstration animal feeding sessions and keeper talks. Learn about the dangers faced by these animals in the wild and the efforts being undertaken to preserve them and their remaining habitats.

Facilities also include a caf, gift shop and information services building.

You can drive via Kuranda or catch the Scenic Rail or Skyrail and link up with our shuttle bus in Kuranda or join an inclusive tour from your hotel.

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